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 GT® History


For decades, the Gault family has been providing rock bits to the drilling industry.  What began as a small fabricating shop in Allen, OK is now a state of the art manufacturing facility in Shawnee, Oklahoma.


Our attention to detail and hands-on philosophy have been demonstrated throughout this long history.  By working closely with drillers, we developed our first jet bit in 1946 and patented it in 1950.


This patent, (#2,524,428), was for the jetted rock bit that revolutionized the hydraulics at the bottom of the hole.


Today this relationship is still evident when we are able to produce new and improved cutting structures for specific fields in a matter of weeks.


We regularly expand our product line to meet more and more drilling challenges.  Our in-house carbide plant allows us to produce high quality, specialty carbides for numerous applications.  We are dedicated to improving manufacturing processes but we never shortchange our quality.


Every bit we make is to the highest standards in materials, metallurgical processes and workmanship.


This dedication ensures the consistency that drillers rely on day after day.


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