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GT® Advantages


ELASTOMER SEALED RING  Our seals are molded out of proprietary rubber.  These rings are 100% inspected for size, shape and hardness before they are put into the rock bit.


SILVER PLATED BECU BUSHING AND THRUST WASHER  Every bushing is made from the highest grade of beryllium copper alloy, heat treated to exact specifications and machined to the closest tolerances to guarantee long life in each bit segment.


SPECIALLY FORMULATED GREASE Our grease is a blend of grease that is degassed to prevent pressure build up in the high heat conditions that occur in the bit.


PRESSURE COMPENSATOR  The diaphragm in the grease reservoir transfers pressure from the drilling fluid to the grease.  This provides a steady supply of lubrication to the bearing surfaces.


HARDMETAL ON THE SHIRTTAIL  A generous covering of the shirttail with hardmetal is applied to every journal.


BRP PROTECTION  The weldment holding the Ball Retaining Pin is protected by three tungsten carbide buttons.  This added protection provides an assurance that the balls will remain in the cone and the cone will remain on the bit.


STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLE RETAINING RINGS  Every bit shipped by GT has stainless steel nozzle retaining rings.  These have proven to be stronger than the normal carbon steel retaining rings used by other manufacturers.


GT® Bits are Made in the USA

and Shipped World Wide


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